Why Use Our Products?

Orcas Engineering's products help you to maintain a global perspective in a world immersed in chaotic and sometimes meaningless detail.

Today, digital maps are everywhere. You can get a close-up of your state, city, town … even your city block. But what about the "big picture" view … the view an astronaut has of the earth? The earth may sometimes seem to to be flat in terms of global competition and trade, but it is certainly not flat geographically.

Those "flat" maps that are found on classroom walls and fill our electronic atlas are easy to produce and cover the entire earth on a single sheet, but they may present a very distorted view of the earth that offers no sensible perspective of where a distant place may be from you. For example, how large is Europe compared to, say, North America, Australia, or China? Is the shortest path from here to there to my left or right, or is it over my shoulder? If I could travel from here to there on the most direct route, over what countries and lands would I pass? Flat maps may not answer such questions well, especially if travel through high latitudes is required.

A generation or two ago, before the advent of Global Positioning satellites, navigators used the sun, the planets, and the stars to navigate to distant places on the sea and in the air. They were able to to stay on the shortest route to distant places by following "great circle" routes.

While "great circle" routes may quite literally be the "way to go", they have heretofore been difficult to calculate and display. Enter now the "MyWorld", "MyRoutes" and "MyWorld-DX" family of applications. We've done the hard work for you. Each of these applications plots the great circles of interest and rotates the earth to the appropriate region of the earth as your destination changes. The applications include a suite of attractive, custom, color-relief maps, with each map focused on a major region of the world.

But, a place is not just a place, it is a destination or a stop on a route. It is place with a purpose, a history, or a memory. It may be a place where important events occurred or will occur, or for a place to be linked with contacts, needs, and opportunities. For all of such, there may be a need to to easily associate a place with a media of any sort, such as documents, pictures, and website references.

Likewise, a route is not just a route. It is our route, or their route, and there may be important bits information that we need to associate with it. Perhaps its a travel itinerary, or details about the route taken by an ancestor or a key historical figure. Again, the needed reference may a document, a picture, a video, or even an internet reference.

All of our current products do both great circle path plotting and media referencing, though each has a different focus:

Use M yWorld as a compact application to locate distant places from home, to associate media references with the destination, and to manages both references and groups of references.

Use MyRoutes to make, display, and edit great circle routes from anywhere to anywhere and to associate file and media references with a route, any route stop, or both.

MyWorld-DX offers all of the key features of MyWorld, but also includes features of special interest to amateur radio operators.

Each of our products is a member of a family of related engineered products that have evolved over years of development, evolution, and refinement. Our products are updated periodically to take advantage of ever-changing technology for applications on Apple desktop and laptop computers.

For Apple computers running OS X 10.8 or later.

MyRoutes, MyWorld, and MyWorld-DX are available today from the ℠ App Store. Click on the product of interest choice to go there now.

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