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Here, four "candidates" appear in a collection at the bottom of the window. One is selected and its magnified image is displayed.

"Notes" is also selected on the data control (near middle of window), so the description for the candidate appears to the right of the magnified image.

You can rearrange, remove, and add candidates to the collection as desired.

RightPlane is document-based. You can save it all.

RightPlane represents your candidates by image, data, description, and notes.

This time, "Data" is selected on the data control, so a table of data appears. The column for the candidate's data displayed.

Use the slideshow control (right side) to show all of the candidates in a timed loop (you can also control the speed of the loop).

When you select a candidate to review, as above, and you can review other images for the candidate by clicking on the magnified image. The collection switches to display all other images available for the candidate. Click again to return the display to the collection of all candidates. Simple.

Note that the description for the candidate remains displayed, as does the candidate's name at the top of the window.

Numerical data may be important to your reviews. Enter in this window whatever data is important for reviewing a candidate.

Use this window to compare your candidates "side by side". Alternatively, use the checkboxes in the left-hand column to display only the checked data fields in the smaller table on the main window.

Several "starting point" templates are included for reviewing other types of candidates, e.g.,travel destinations, homes, custom.

Images are collected in this window, usually by dragging them from sources elsewhere on your computer.

The "Image Info" panel (shown deployed) is used to associate an image with a candidate name, to title the slide, and to keep notes about the image.

Images assigned a candidate name can be moved to the main window with the click of a button.

For Apple Computers running OS 10.8 or later.

Copyright 2014 by Orcas Engineering LLC. All rights reserved.

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