Our Products are for Travelers

Get the Big Picture Before You Go.

Travel to distant corners of the world is not like traveling in the same country or region. The shape of the earth makes it so. The shortest path from here to there is not a straight line, and your route may take you over countries and lands that may be unexpected to anyone accustomed to using the typical "flat" map of the world.

When you spot a distant place on one of our products, you get a true perspective of where that place is from you. Each of our products plot great circle routes from one location to another. The great circle route is the shortest route from one location to another on the global earth and usually appears as a curved path on the global earth. Knowing the great circle route will allow you to anticipate which countries and lands you will pass along your route.

Use "MyWorld" or "MyWorld-DX" and select a distant place from the database to get an instant appreciation of where that distant place is from your home location. Use our "MyRoutes" product to layout and conveniently edit a route with multiple stops from anywhere to anywhere.

Then, gather drag in the information references that you need to plan your visit, such as documents, pictures, video, personal notes, or internet references, and associate them with the appropriate place. You can open any of these references directly from the application, without modifying or moving any of them. With our "MyRoutes" product, you also have a choice of associating media with any segment of a route, as well as any stop on the route.

Our "MyRoutes" product also offers the ability to spot the nearest major hub city when you click on any map. This feature may be especially helpful when planning travel to remote locations.

Give Others the Big Picture When You Return.

An important part of global travel occurs after we return. The trip may be a memory of a life time, or may be of special interest to our friends or others in our organization. Use our products to give others an appreciation of where your trip took you and conveniently display associated media references that convey the impact, importance, and details of your journey.

All of our products come with a built-in help book. Also, "Help" buttons are conveniently located near each window, panel, and and set of controls to enable you to quickly access relevant advice and assistance. And, all of our products are also document-based, so you can save your work to a named file.

For Apple computers running OX X 10.8 or later.

MyRoutes, MyWorld, and MyWorld-DX are available today from the ℠ App Store. Click on the product of interest below to go there now.

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