Researchers involved with investigating, analyzing, and tracking distant places, people, events, and resources will find our products helpful for appreciating the effects of distance, location, and route on the targets of their research and for organizing and presenting and their work.

All of our products offer a true global perspective of the relative position of widely-separated places on the global earth. This often cannot be done with the commonly available "flat" maps, which attempt to display the entire earth on a single but highly distorted sheet. With our products, paths from one point to another are plotted as true "great circles" on the global earth, and distances along each path are provided in your choice of either miles or kilometers. Maps are automatically chosen and displayed when you select a location from one of the built-in databases. Also, any map can be manually selected and the approximate latitude and longitude of any point on earth determined by simply clicking on the map. Each map displays a hemisphere of the earth, with each map centered on a different region of the world. Our "MyWorld" and "MyWorld-DX" products provide a compact format for spotting distant places from a home location, and our "MyRoutes" product enable you to conveniently build and edit routes from anywhere to anywhere.

Especially important for research is the ability of our products to associate media references of any type with locations. Such references can then be opened directly from the application without modifying or moving the source material. With either our "MyWorld" or "MyWorld-DX" products, you can reference media to any place and then manage groups of media references thematically (e.g. NGO aide for target disease eradication). "MyWorld-DX" offers a greater emphasis on small and remote islands world-wide.

"MyRoutes" emphasizes routes and route segments, giving you the choice of referencing media to a route, to any route stop, or to both. Also with "MyRoutes", custom labels can also be assigned and displayed for any route segment, such as might be useful when offering an analysis or making a presentation. Editing of routes is done easily by "drag and drop", and the distance of a selected segment or the total distance for the route are displayed.

All of our products come with a built-in help book. Also, "Help" buttons are conveniently located near each window, panel, and and key set of controls to enable you to quickly access relevant advice and assistance. And, all of our products are also document-based, so you can save your work to a named file.

For Apple computers running OX X 10.8 or later.

MyRoutes, MyWorld, and MyWorld-DX are available today from the ℠ App Store. Click on the product of interest below to go there now.

Our Products are for Researchers

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