Putting Places in Global Perspective.

Do you read fiction or non-fiction in which people and events are often located in distant corners of the world or are scattered over the globe. Does the story sometimes take you from one part of the globe to another? When an exotic or unfamiliar place is mentioned, do you sometimes ask yourself, "Where in the world is that? Over what countries and lands would we pass in getting there? Or, where are those places from one another? If so, you may want to make one of our products your reading companion.

All of our products have a built-in suite of global, color-relief maps and a database of cities with which you can spot where a place is on earth in true global perspective, without the distortion of "flat" maps.

"MyWorld" and "MyWorld-DX" present a compact format by which you can locate distant places relative to your home location and plot the "great circle route" to it from your home location. The "MyWorld-DX" database further includes a broader range of small and remote islands.

"MyRoutes" gives you the added capability to make and edit complex routes with multiple stops beginning anywhere and ending anywhere.

Putting People, Events, and Places Together.

Knowing or recalling a location alone is usually only part of the story. Often, what is needed is to be able to associate a place with important information, such as people, events, local sites, history, or other reference resources. For example, as you read a passage in a book or reference material, you may get ideas about information you would like to associate with a place or a route for later access or recall. All of our applications allow you to associate any media with a place, such as documents, pictures, video, internet references, or your own notes. The source materials are not moved or modified in the process. You can later access them right from the application. "MyRoutes" gives you the added capability to associate media references with either a route, a stop place, or both.

So, if you are a frequent reader of such genre as travel essays, history, business, or global action adventure, make one of our products your reading companion to get more out of what you read, be it for work or for pleasure.

All of our products come with a built-in help book. "Help" buttons are conveniently located near each window, panel, and and set of controls so you can quickly access relevant advice and assistance. And, all of our products are document-based, so you can save your work to a named file.

For Apple computers running OS X 10.8 or later.

MyRoutes, MyWorld, and MyWorld-DX are available today from the ℠ App Store. Click on the product of interest to go there now.

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