Teachers and students of history and geography will appreciate how our products offer an instant appreciation of where distant locations are from home or from each other, and the significance of great circle routes as the shortest direct route between distant places on the global earth. The display of a great circle route also offers an instant appreciation of the lands and countries over which the most direct route will pass. All of our products offer this capability.

Our "MyWorld" and "MyWorld-DX" offer a compact format for spotting distant cities and islands. "MyWorld-DX" is very similar to "MYWorld", but includes additional references to many small and remote islands. Our "MyRoutes" product enables the user to build and edit routes from anywhere to anywhere by defining a series of great circle route segments.

Of equal importance to spotting remote locations in true global perspective is the ability of all of our products to associate media references with spotted places. References can be of any standard type, such as documents, pictures, videos, and internet resources, and they can be opened directly from the application without modifying or moving the source material.

With "MYWorld" and "MyWorld-DX", media references can be assigned to arbitrarily defined groups (e.g., "War of 1812") . With "MyRoutes", there is a greater emphasis on routes and route segments, so the user also has a choice of referencing media to a route, to any route stop, or to both. And, custom labels can also be assigned and displayed for any route segment, such as might be useful when relating routes and route segments with important events in history.

Also with "MyRoutes", routes can be edited easily by "drag and drop" and the results observed immediately. The user has a choice of inspecting a route and its distance either segment by segment or for the entire route. If a route stop that is located in a distant part of the world is selected, the route is viewed from the perspective of that region of the world. So, students can readily compare historical routes and route distances. Students of geography can readily relate effect of different choices in routes and places on resources, climate, and culture, and accessibility.

Teachers and students of mathematics should also find "MyRoutes" to be useful in conveying and demonstrating concepts of spherical geometry and navigation. Click on any point on one of the color-relief maps to view the approximate latitude and longitude of the clicked point. Maps are included to cover all of the regions of the world. Each displays a hemisphere, centered on a specific region. Using these features, you can display the great circle route between any two points and the distance along the route, in your choice of miles or kilometers. Then, you might show how these results can be determined from the fundamentals of spherical geometry.

In addition, "MyWorld", "MyWorld-DX" and "MyRoutes" each include the ability to request a detail map for any selected place through your internet browser.

All of our products come with a built-in help book. "Help" buttons are conveniently located near each window, panel, and and key set of controls to enable you to quickly access relevant advice and assistance. All of our products are also document-based, so you can save your work to a named file.

For Apple computers running OX X 10.8 or later.

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