SuperSessions ... It's (all) about time.

Track Time Like Never Before ... and More!

The Innovative App to Keep Track of Time.

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Innovative Solutions ... It's About Time

It's Easy

A user-friendly design.  One click can name a recurring session. A choice of color makes it  unique. Then start. Pause as needed.  End.   Send, if you choose.

It's Flexible

A name and a color identifies a session uniquely and securely, such as for different people, activities, or places.   SuperSessions: for any purpose, at home or at work.

It's Helpful

Whether you want to track time for walks, workouts,  time on social media, or billable hours, SuperSessions is designed to make your life easier and more productive.

It Works

Time is not a number.  Its relative.  SuperSessions combines the instant sense of relative time with a glance at the  clock and today's fast and precise digital processing.


Convenient. Versatile. Easy.



Read time at a glance while precisely keeping track. SuperSessions combines the best of the digital and analog experience.

Easy but Precise

Whether you are timing walks, work-outs, or billable appointments, SuperSessions will track your sessions  accurately, including pauses and time-outs. 

Easily Shared

Easily e-mail or Message the session record  (images, too)  from the app. 

Great Versatility

SuperSessions can be used to time sessions of any kind, at home or at work.    

Best for Recurring Sessions

One click in the "Details" table can name a session.  Color choices separate one session from another of the same type. Places, clients, or activities, you decide what the color represents. Secure and flexible.

Innovative: It's About Time

Time is not a number.  It's relative. Especially for sessions.  But the (hour) count counts.  SuperSessions: the convenience of analog  PLUS the precision of digital processing.

A Few Details ... 

Convenient, Complete, Easily-Shared Solutions



Your unique session type names appear at the top of the picker, in your chosen color.  Click  to reuse it for another session.


A complete and convenient record of your session  appears in digital and graphical formats.

Easily Shared

The session record, including images, can be sent by eMail or Message directly from the app.


SuperSession comes pre-loaded with many suggested names for common session types at home & work  (as in the image, these appear in white. Just click on one and add color).


Change the color for any session name with a click on a color choice. Use color to identify different clients, activities, or places.  Flexible and secure.

Details Apart to Cut the Clutter

Most results and choices appear here on a separate tab, leaving the clockface tab uncluttered . 

The Benefits of Hindsight

Keeping Track of Time Over Time


Avoid  Repetition

Not just a long list. Session records that repeat by name and color are grouped.  Click on the representative to see total results for the group.

The Long and the Short of It

Results for recurring sessions show not ust the group total time, but the minimum and maximum times within the group.

The Long View at a Glance 

The display offers a quick sense of   total time  for any  session type and color in a chosen calendar period.

Avoid the Clutter

Filter the records to show only results  for a period of interest.

Cut the Clutter

Conveniently delete session records that are no longer of interest.

Need  a  Specific Session  Record?

The data file is acessible with the iPhone "Files" app and can be mailed and viewed  using  Apple TextEdit  or similar.